Mentrino Project

Mission Statement

The goal of the Mentrino Project is to take the first real steps into the New Consciousness for Humanity.

Humans and all sentient beings in the Universe - Humans, animals, and plants on Earth, as well as other types of physically tangible or non-tangible life forms on other planets - are connected to each other in an ethereal network of energy channels.

To enter a New Consciousness, we Humans must understand our proper (ethereal) possibilities and powers to communicate and interact. Therefore we need to develop and open such channels. We can call them telepathic or ethereal channels. But in the future we will call such channels "Mentrino Channels".

Special mental and spiritual connections, communications and interactions between Humans, but also between Humans, animals, plants, and other sentient beings and spiritual holons from space, are important to reach this goal.

There must be openness, and the will to share for the benefit of collectivity, the whole. There is a long way to go, but we need to start urgently.

So it is our intention to do more than just speaking words and staying in a state of lethargy and laziness.

So we invite the global community to join us in making practical steps, such as developing telepathic and ESP skills.

We have the intention to start the coordination of community efforts via live streaming platforms, YouTube videos and forums.

We use the new concept of Mentrino as particles of the mind. A Mentrino stands for the subtle mental energy that is transmitted between all sentient beings.

As the theoretical base of our Mentrino approach we consider the Holon Theory, which shows that there are logical concepts to explain complete interconnectivity in a cosmic unity.

The Mentrinos are the local state of transmission of Membrane energy between holons. So the Mentrino is a particle and a wave at the same time.

Exercise 1

We ask our members and everyone else to propose their own ideas about possible alternative ways to boost global telepathic communication. Join us in seeding this project, you are needed. We plant now in July 2016 the first seeds, hoping that they will grow into new trees with beautiful flowers and fruits for humanity. We need to water these seeds. We humans have stronger potential powers than we suppose. We need to develop them. Humanity needs to take the first steps towards unity.

We all see so many different languages in the world. Their number is estimated at 6900. This separation of speech is called the Babylonian confusion. That separation will disappear in a world that communicates by telepathy. That will have its effect on various aspects of life on Earth. Mutual mental understanding and communication will bring more peace, less crime, and collective problem solving. It will bring shared innovation, material and social progress. Education and information sharing will become a collective process. So humanity will fundamentally change in a positive way. This is the goal of our Mentrino Project.

Click here for Mentrino Exercise 1. More exercises will follow.